BCSi specializes in ‘Guardrail’ software that keeps major systems from getting off track. ¬†Specifically, Guardrail software supports all phases of development for the life cycle of the system.

Our Modeling and Simulation software supports Requirements/Design to include

  • Validation of system specifications, interfaces, and performance
  • Packet level CONOPS development
  • Detailed contingency planning

The same Modeling and Simulation software can migrate to support

  • Unit, systems, and acceptance testing
  • Integrated testing to ensure system interfaces
  • Unit/system validation and verification

Models can also support user in the loop mode for Operation and Training to include CONOPS and contingency operations.

Finally, Analysis and Diagnostics software provides a consistent interface for all phases.

Modeling systems at the appropriate breadth, depth, and architecture can:
  • Enable application migration through the development phases
  • Provide substantial cost savings
  • Greatly compress schedules
  • Reduce or mitigate risk
  • Provide definitive performance analysis
  • Provide CONOPS decision support
  • Quickly assess effects of system upgrades