BCSi is a veteran owned small business founded By Dr. Craig Baer in 1993. The company has provided software solutions for a number of government and commercial customers. Applications focus on modeling and simulation, test, training, and system diagnostics.


Controls/Control Systems
Satellites, Ground Stations, Space Systems
Networks TCP/UDP/IP, ATM/ITM, etc
Decision Support
Object oriented C++ and Java
Interactive 2-D and 3-D graphics using OpenGL/GLSL and OpenInventor
Client/Server applications
Inter-process communications via sockets, CORBA and RMI
ODBC Database applications
Multithreaded/Multiprocessor applications


BCSi applications are designed and developed to operate across
several platforms. Our software compiles and executes on Windows,
UNIX, and Linux platforms.

Test & Measurement

We bring solutions that can support testing and training of real-time systems. We connect to subsystems for test and system check-out. We can connect to systems through Ethernet, Serial, GPIB, and many other interfaces. Ask how we can test your system.


We have a staff of Senior Engineers that can bring deep insight into difficult technical problems. We don’t just answer the basic questions, we dig deep and find root issues and potential pitfalls. We solve the problems that have been keeping you up at night.

Decision Support

Large scale systems have many trade-offs and “forks in the road” that have to be chosen. BCSi support helps you to know the right path. We can test systems in a virtual environment before you have to make the tough calls. We bring the data that helps you make the right choices for CONOPS and contingency planning.