IRIDIUM is a satellite constellation of 66 Satellites with worldwide ground stations designed for worldwide telephone coverage. BCSi has been a major contributor of analysis, simulation and test support to the IRIDIUM program for over twenty years. Some examples are shown below:


IrNetSim is a high fidelity packet level model of the Iridium® communications network. Iridium® is a constellation of 66 satellites that provide worldwide voice coverage. IrNetSim models physical layer through session layer of the Iridium® network.


IrOpsSim is a model of Iridium® satellites and ground antennas. IrOpsSim supports high fidelity testing of Iridium® ground control software by acting as a virtual Iridium system. IrOpsSim was also used for operator training.


IrCaT provides access to consolidated Iridium® diagnostic files, call performance summarization, and root cause analysis of individual calls